Sunday, March 01, 2009

Who watches the "Watchmen"? Me and you, at least in featurettes

I guess the saddest news out there this Sunday morning is that Paul Harvey has died at age 90, but since I haven't bothered to tune into one of his broadcasts for at least 15 years I really can't pretend to be all that down about it, especially since he was 90 years old after all.

And besides, anyone who's been here in the last month or so knows that, like much of the world, I have just about nothing but "Watchmen" on my brain, and will until at least this weekend.

All I have this morning are these four "Watchmen" featurettes, each focusing on two players in the "Watchmen" realm: 1. Silk Spectre and Dr. Manhattan, 2. Nite Owl and Rohrschach, 3. The Comedian and Ozymandias and 4. Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons. They're not terribly groundbreaking in any way, but each has entertaining tidbits, including a bit about the technology of creating Dr. Manhattan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's description of the Comedian's psyche. Enjoy, and have a perfectly lazy Sunday. Peace out.

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Mercurie said...

I am really looking forward to Watchmen. Granted, these featurettes add nothing new, but they do make me want to see it even more!