Saturday, March 07, 2009

Quick hits: A trailer two-fer and ... Hitler!?!?

Not much to say today, since I'm off to the gym in just a few minutes and then on to watch "Watchmen" in Imax!

I did, however, take a few seconds to scan the 'Net this morning, and found a few things well worth passing on. The first is the theatrical trailer for "Up," and the first clip from Pixar's next flick that really shows what we're in for. I was already psyched for this, but now you can count me as completely hooked.

The second is a little odd, but no less enjoyable. Remember Jim Jarmusch? It seems like forever since he made his last feature film, "Broken Flowers," and it has indeed been four years. Now he's back with something called "The Limits of Control." As you can see from the trailer below, it stars Isaach de Bankole, who I've loved ever since he played the ice cream man in Jarmusch's "Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai." In this new flick, he plays a mysterious loner involved in some kind of criminal operation in Spain. That's all I know for now, but it's certainly nice to see Mr. Jarmusch back, no matter what he's cooking up.

And, finally, the truly odd. I'm not usually one for jokes about Hitler, but whoever put this together is indeed at least a minor genius. Who would have guessed the fuhrer was a fanboy? If you haven't seen "Watchmen" yet or don't want to know how the graphic novel or movie end, don't watch this clip, but if you're cool with that and don't mind squinting at some tiny subtitles, I guarantee this will make you laugh out loud at least once. Enjoy, and have a perfectly pleasant weekend. Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Hearing about those "Downfall" edits actually motivated me to Netflix the film itself. It's an amazing film, but after finishing I just had to check out those Hitler re-edit for myself. The funniest one I've seen has Hitler fuming over the Dallas Cowboys.

Speaking of Watchmen, I wasn't feeling it at all. It shot itself in the foot by sticking too close to the novel, and it felt as if Snyder was afraid of making necessary changes to make the film flow better (except the ending). You can check out the review on my blog.

And "Up" looks like another Pixar winner for sure.

Reel Fanatic said...

I'll definitely have to check out what you had to say with my coffee tomorrow morning, V-Knowledge, but for myself, I can say I agree with you that he certainly stuck very close to the comic book except for the ending, but with such an iconic story I don't see how he really had any choice .. And though this will be nothing but blasphemy to fans of Moore's novel (of which you can certainly count me as one), I thought the ending of the movie, though less crazy than that of the book, was really just as good or better in my book

Bob said...

That was frickin' funny. I have to agree with V-Knowledge. Just like "300," Snyder doesn't seem to want to just make his own movie. I've posted my review as well.

Cullen said...

Given the Watchmen, I could care less if Snyder wanted to make his own movie. I'm glad he didn't. The movie wasn't flawless, but it was very, very good.

Reel Fanatic said...

I'm glad someone finally said that, Cullen, because though I'm still hashing around all I saw in my head, I have to agree .. he certainly made some missteps, but overall it was just really entertaining