Thursday, May 21, 2009

All I want for my birthday is ...

Two simple things really, but I'm really afraid neither of them are going to happen.

First, I'd really like "Terminator Salvation" to not suck, but the reviews from both critics and people who actually just like watching movies are starting to quickly pile it up in the negative. At least they bothered to release it a couple of days early so I can go see it after work today.

For me, "Terminator" isn't just an iconic franchise. It's also the first time I really understood as a kid that "Rated R" wasn't just for sleazy movies. Granted, seeing Salisbury, Md., native Linda Hamilton all kinds of naked when you're 14 years old is certainly a bonus, but it was also just seriously smart sci-fi that earned the violence side of its "R" with style and purpose.

I have a growing suspicion that McG - who I have no real beef with up to this point - is just gonna blow that all away, but here's hoping against hope that I'm wrong.

And secondly, an Orioles victory over the damn Yankees, I'm afraid, is even more of a lost cause. I was hoping Tuesday night would lead to our second defeat of C.C. Sabathia this season, but in the seventh inning the game went from 2-1 to 9-1 in favor of the Yanks in what seemed like five seconds. And the less that's said about last night's game the better.

Actually, what I really want for my birthday is to see Matt Weiters in an Orioles uniform now, and to bring a bunch of those young arms with him to replace the bums we have now. Gregg Zaun is hitting well below the Mendoza line, which even Peter Angelos must recognize isn't terribly good, so the future is now! Peace out.


jeremy said...

Happy Birthday!
(And check out Glee on Fox, its good!)

Cullen said...

Happy birthday! I second the Glee recommendation.

Reel Fanatic said...

Thanks! .. As for Glee, I watched the pilot, and I have to agree that I enjoyed it ... It did feel kind of like they're stuck in the middle, since they want to poke fun while at the same time endearing themselves to the AI audience, but once they broke into that Amy Winehouse routine, I was all smiles!

jeremy said...

Kristin Bell on Party Down tonight. Episodes available online

Reel Fanatic said...

Wow .. thanks for that Jeremy ... I hope there's more online than the two that have been up so far, because from what I've seen it is a truly very funny show