Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just how much did ABC hate "Pushing Daisies," and when can we see it end?

It really pains me to even write that headline, but given what they're doing to the last three episodes of Bryan Fuller's prime-time fairy tale, I'd have to imagine it's a valid question. Oh well. I guess we should just be happy we're getting to see these on TV at all.

And if you hate "Pushing Daisies," what do you really hate? Whimsy? Creativity? If so, I can only really feel sorry for you. Anyways, since ABC has given the show's former Wednesday night slot to footage of people falling down (unless I'm wrong and "Wipeout" is actually about something a whole lot more enlightening than that), when will be able to see the last three episodes?

Well, it seems ABC has created a graveyard of sorts for this summer, at 10 p.m. Saturdays. Beginning this week, May 30, the final three episodes will air in order, followed by the remains of two other dead ABC shows, "Eli Stone" and then "Dirty Sexy Money."

A rather ignominious end for a show that probably never much of a chance. Peace out.

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