Wednesday, July 02, 2008

An "Arrested Development" movie? The stars seem to think so

I still won't believe this one until - and probably after - there's solid confirmation in the trades, but two of the stars of Fox's best sitcom in many, many years certainly seem to be sure there's an "Arrested Development" movie in the works.

First comes word from Jeffrey Tambor, a k a George Bluth, from the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of "Hellboy II" (via Entertainment Weekly): “After months of speculation, I think we have finally figured out for sure that we are indeed doing an Arrested Development movie. I am very excited about that. I love that cast and crew and I felt like we had more to say."

Sounds pretty definite, right, but as far as I know Tambor doesn't have any actual power to make this happen. Still, just to get your hopes up even higher (and hopefully not just to have to dash them later), here's more from Jason Bateman, a k a Michael Bluth (via Bob and Justin's Mad Movie Blog) hinting there indeed may already be a script ready to go: "It's typically bent and twisted," Bateman said of the story concocted by series mastermind Mitchell Hurwitz. "He's got a really, really good idea for the movie version that would not be just simply the equivalent of four episodes back to back to back. It's actually something that would be specific to the medium of film."

None of this, of course, means this is ever going to happen (especially with the SAG strike just about a certainty now), but there are several reasons why it would make good sense.

First, look at "Sex and the City." Now, I understand that the "Arrested Development" cult isn't as large as Carrie Bradshaw's following, but I'd argue we're probably at least as devoted. You'd have an obvious built-in audience, and given how much the stars want to do it, I can't imagine the budget for any "Arrested Development" movie would be terribly high.

And unlike all the other TV retreads we've seen lately (I've heard some surprisingly good things about "Get Smart," but I just really can't go there), this would instead be an idea that springs from the minds of the people who actually created the show and know and love what it's all about.

As always when it comes to an "Arrested Development" movie, just keep hope alive!

A funny take on Sherlock and Watson?

On paper this could certainly work, and I think they've got the casting just about right.

Anyone remember "Talladega Nights"? There's really not much reason to except that Sacha Baron Cohen managed to walk away with every scene he was in as the French Formula "Un" driver and make Will Ferrell funnier in doing so.

So it's a bit surprising but very welcome news that for this new Sherlock Holmes comedy from scribe Etan Cohen ("Tropic Thunder"), Cohen will take the lead as Sherlock and Ferrell will be the sidekick Watson. Sounds like fun to me, but this being Hollywood, no idea (good or bad) ever comes by itself. Warner Bros. is apparently also prepping a Holmes drama to be directed by Guy Ritchie.

My money's on the funny guys in this one, but we'll just have to wait and see.

A rather uber-cool new "The Dark Knight" poster

I've got to wrap this up and get to the job that still pays me, so I'll just leave you with rather wickedly awesome "The Dark Knight" poster. If you stare at it long enough I think it might turn into one of those hidden sailboat paintings, but I can't guarantee it. Peace out.


Bob said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! :)
I think the "AD" movie would have to come in on a pretty tight budget but the fans are going to be all over it and we will probably end up going multiple times. "Well I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think multiples were a possibility."
If and when we get it the lines will be huge. "There are dozens of us! Dozens!"

Reel Fanatic said...

Even though I don't link to blogs I like as often as I should, it certainly doesn't mean I'm not reading them, Bob ... And hopefully "dozens" will turn into millions if this ever really happens!

Ian said...

Got the Blu-Ray release of "Batman Begins" yesterday which includes a six minute "IMAX prologue" of "Dark Knight" featuring The Joker and his cohorts completing a bank raid. If anything I'm even more jazzed about this film than I was before.

Tickets booked for a UK preview at the IMAX on 24th July (opens here officially Friday, 25th July - a week later than you guys I think). I can't wait!

Reel Fanatic said...

I've seen that footage too, Ian, but only on crummy You-Tube ... but even in that format, it's enough to get me absolutely hooked too!

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