Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mad as hell about Hot Fuzz

I realize there have to be more important things to get irate about, but like Eric Cartman says, "well, I'm pissed off, how the hell are you?"

As I was watching TV last night (the Braves game and a great "Gilmore Girls" episode), I must have seen at least 10 commercials for "Hot Fuzz," a movie I've been wanting to see since I first heard of it what seems like three years ago.

These commercials, which featured, among other great things, Simon Pegg doing a flying dropkick on an old lady, promised one very important thing: That "Hot Fuzz" opens EVERYWHERE this Friday.

EVERYWHERE, that is, except in Macon, Georgia, apparently. I probably should have seen this coming, but didn't. I mean we got "Shaun of the Dead" after all, albeit only months after the rest of world had found out just how funny it was.

So, what are we getting? Three movies I won't bother to see and one that genuinely intrigues me, though I can't figure out how in the world it got here. They are:

Fracture: I like Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling just fine, but this looks like a fairly predictable psychological thriller.

Vacancy: I already have trouble going to sleep in hotel rooms, so this one is just too creepy for me.

In the Land of Women: Still not exactly sure what this one is, but it has to be odd if it stars Adam Brody, Meg Ryan and Olympia Dukakis. It's the writing and directing debut of Jonathan Kasdan, apparently.

Hoax: This was unexpected, since it's not even on the movie release schedule at Yahoo movies, but I'm definitely gonna go see it, probably Sunday. Richard Gere stars as Clifford Irving, who managed to publish an "autobiography" of Howard Hughes. Lasse Halstrom directs and Alfred Molina's also along for the ride, so this should definitely be fun.

But, I digress. April was supposed to be quite possibly the greatest geek movie month ever. First came "Grindhouse," which despite it's utter failure at the box office delivered on its promise for me.

From there, however, it has just sucked. The next two movies I wanted to see before "Spiderman 3" launches the summer blitz were "Hot Fuzz" and Danny Boyle's "Sunshine." Well, to paraphrase, the soup nazi, "No movies for you." "Sunshine" has been pushed back to who knows when in the U.S.

As for "Hot Fuzz," I'm so mad I can hardly keep typing. I may just have to make a pilgrimage to Athens, 90 minutes up the road, to see it. Maybe I'll make a weekend of it, look up some old friends and just have a great time in my favorite college town.

But I shouldn't have too, dammit. OK, rant over. For anyone who bothered to stick with me, here's a reward. It's "Hot Fuzz," of course, the best trailer I could find at YouTube, introduced by the lads themselves. Enjoy, and rest assured that I'm really a fairly stable person, most of the time.


jeremy said...

I don't know, I really didn't like Shaun of the Dead. I mean, the second act was pretty good, but the first and third were just crap. I guess its one of those movies, where if you like the characters, you'll like the movie. I, obvs, didn't like the characters. Hot Fuzz looks like more of the same, so I'm going to pass--well, until my roommate who has a Shaun of the Dead figurine buys it. Then I'll watch it.
Can't wait for your review of The Hoax. I'm in a (pretty lame and totally gay--and I realize in some circles those mean the same thing) movie club and I voted to see The Hoax. I was the only one who voted to see The Hoax. We got stuck with Meet the Robinson's and it was atrocious on nearly every level. Did you ever see those CBS Storybreak Video cartoons? Where they turn some kids book like "How to Eat Fried Worms" into an hour long cartoon? It was like one of those with even less substance.
What made it even worse was that they pushed this pro-Disney agenda at the end. It seemed like something they would show fresh-faced animators to motivate to make more money for the mouse.
Oh, but I did catch Disturbia which wasn't half bad. I like that David Morse.

jeremy said...

Oh wow, and did you hear that Edward Norton is going to star in a The Incredible Hulk sequel?

Reel Fanatic said...

I like David Morse in almost everything too, Jeremy, but I just couldn't bring to watch Disturbia ... I may relent soon, since I've heard good things about it from you and others ... I think Ed Norton is gonna be great as The Hulk, but then again, I think I'm one of the very few people in the world who thoroughly enjoyed Ang Lee's version with Eric Bana

Marina said...

Well, I'm sorry that "Hot Fuzz" isn't making the rounds in your part of town but at least you'll have something to enjoy in "The Hoax". Probably not as good but darn entertaining!

Reel Fanatic said...

I'm really looking forward to it, Marina ... Especially since I just found out that Julie Delpy is in it, a rare treat nowadays

kookiejar said...

I know how you feel, I'd wanted to see 'The Host' when I first heard about it, but it didn't open immediately in my area (Omaha) so I waited and waited and lo, and behold, 6 weeks after it opened everywhere else, it came to Omaha.

I believe Macon and Omaha are similar in size, so don't give up hope yet. BTY, I loved 'Shaun of the Dead'. It is everything a zombie comedy should be.

Eaglewing said...

Too bad about Hot Fuzz. I want to see this too, but I'm waiting for Friday's listings to see if it'll be around here and will not be surprised at all if it isn't. If I'm interested, it usually isn't playing around here on schedule (Black Snake Moan, The Lookout, Slow Burn, etc). Goodbye theatre, hello DVD...

Was watching trailers and against my better judgement watched the one for In The Land of Women. Had a "What the hell was that?" moment. From the trailer, its definately a chick flick that fails on both comedy and drama. No interest at all in Fracture or Vacancy, but have been hearing good things about Hoax.

PS - I want a giant hay bale maze to walk through :)

Marina said...

Be warned! It's only a little role but she's such a beauty and talented to boot!

Fated said...

Oh my! I'm sorry Hot Fuss will not be in your theatres right away. I just saw the first previews of it yesterday as well. Kind of out of nowhere.

I am sick of seeing previews for Vacancy though. I can't understand why two A list actors have degraded themselves into a movie like that. How will the C-D actors get work?

Going to see Pan's Labyrinth at the cheap theatre for the second time tonight. Horray!

Reel Fanatic said...

I think we could all use a walk through a giant hay-bale maze, Eaglewing ... Last night's episode was another winner to me in what has been a real solid streak in the second half of this season

And I have no idea what either Luke Wilson or Kate Beckinsale are doing in Vacancy ... Kate at least has some history in campy horror movies (Van Helsing, if I'm not mistaken), but I have no idea how Luke ended up in this

Linda said...

I feel your pain on the limited release. I often look at the film listings in Boston and NY trying to decide how far I'll travel to see a highly antcipated film. Hope Hot Fuzz comes to you soon. I was pleasantly surprised by The Hoax and Disturbia if that can hold you over till Hot Fuzz comes to your 'hood!

cinderelly said...

sorry that you are not getting 'hot fuzz' right away! it looks really funny, and i loved 'shaun of the dead'. i just watched it on cable and was totally cracking up, and the hubby was looking at me with that look that says, 'hmm, another of her zombie movies' (he just doesn't get them) but me and my daughter watched 'slither' the other night...bleah! i only held out to the end because it had nathan fillion in it. even that wasn't enough to redeem it!

Reel Fanatic said...

We'll have to disagree, civilly, of course, on Slither, Cinderelly ... I concede it was thoroughly gross, but I found it to also be very funny, which was good enough for me to enjoy it (especially with both Mr. Fillion and Michael Rooker in it)

Fated said...

Oh yeah... I forgot about Van Helsing.. You are right. :P