Thursday, April 12, 2007

Drinky Crow is go

Tony Millionaire's cartoons certainly aren't for everyone, but if you like your humor dark, juvenile or both, you can't beat it. Here, for your enjoyment, is 30 seconds or so of the "Drinky Crow Show" coming to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim May 13, in which Uncle Gabby learns the dangers of using whale blubber to flirt with the captain's daughter. Enjoy!


Snave said...

THanks so much for that, I am a BIG fan of "Maakies". And from the clip you provided, the animation looks like pretty good quality. I'm now desperately hoping they will animate the cartoon in which if I recall correctly, Uncle Gabby, while sitting in the outhouse, is bitten on the testicles by a black widow. Claiming the pain is unbearable, he commits suicide, blowing off the top of his head, and slumping to a sitting position. A family of raccoons is passing by, and the dad says he really has to take a dump. He winds up doing it on top of Uncle Gabby's head, giving the corpse the appearance of wearing a coonskin cap.

I know, that is revolting... but whenever I look at that cartoon I can find myself laughing to the point of tears...

Anyway, I will be setting the TiVo for all episodes of the Drinky Crow TV program, and I will eagerly await all episodes on DVD for repeating viewing, as I have done with The Venture Brothers and Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law!

Thanks again!!

Reel Fanatic said...

No problem, Snave .. It does indeed look like the animation is of a much higher quality than those little segments they used to do for Saturday Night Live