Tuesday, January 30, 2007

People funnier than Will Ferrell

OK, that may be a bit mean. I like Will Ferrell, and I think he is a genuinely funny man, but one of his greatest strengths is surrounding himself with even funnier people. Here's proof in reports about two TV people who deserve big-screen success.

It's been a rocky road for Will Arnett since he left the funniest show on TV for the last 10 years, "Arrested Development." Let's see .. there was "Let's Go to Prison" and "RV," neither of which I even bothered to see.

Now however, with an assist from Mr. Ferrell, things may be starting to look up. Arnett has signed on to be one of the main stars of "Semi-Pro," an upcoming comedy about the waning days of the American Basketball Association. I like the premise, and he joins Ferrell, Woody Harrelson and Andre Benjamin in the project.

In "Semi-Pro," Ferrell plays Jackie Moon, the owner-player-coach of the fictional Flint, Mich., Tropics. Arnett plays team announcer Lou Redwood.

Before that, he'll be in another flick with Ferrell that doesn't look nearly as promising. Coming soon, Ferrell and Jon Heder (no!) will play ice dancers in "Blades of Glory," and Mr. Arnett will be on hand for the mayhem. I sincerely want this to be funny, but I just can't see it happening.

Fischer walks the 'Walk'

What became the funniest show on TV after "Arrested Development" bit the dust? "The Office," by a wide margin. And now "Office" cutie Jenna Fischer has landed a plum role in what should be a very funny movie.

To keep piling on Will Ferrell, there were at two least people funnier than him in "Talladega Nights," both Sacha Baron Cohen and John C. Reilly. It's high time for Reilly to get his own starring role in a comedy, and he's getting it from "Freaks and Geeks" creator Judd Apatow.

Apatow and Jake Kasdan have written the flick "Walk Hard," a sendup of the music biopics that have set upon us like kuzdu. Kasdan will direct, with Reilly playing troubled music legend Dewey Cox, and now Fischer joining the cast as his love interest.

And, in case you doubted I can tie things together just as smoothly as Guillermo Arriaga, yes, Fischer is also one of the stars of "Blades of Glory," insuring that I will see it.

Has Katie Holmes disappeared?

Admit it ... we all at least read the headlines on those tabloids at the supermarket cash register. Now, apparently, I've found at least one that's proving to be true.

I can't remember which one it was, but one I saw recently had a simply horrific looking Katie Holmes on the cover, calling her a "Stepford Wife," locked away and unable to see any of her friends or family.

Well, according to my favorite froggie movie site, Cinempire.com, she will at least be absent from the upcoming Batman flick. Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman will all be back for "The Dark Knight," but some other actress will be playing Rachel Dawes.

That's the first good news I've heard involving Tom Cruise in a long, long time.

And in case you may have forgotten just how funny "Arrested Development" was, here's a little "Afternoon Delight" I found on Youtube. Enjoy!

Arrested Development -Maeby & Michael sing Afternoon Delight


FrancesDanger said...

I am so happy to hear about Jenna Fischer. I love her in 'The Office' and she was even good in the not so good 'Lollilove'.

I was also overjoyed to hear that Katie would not appear in 'The Dark Knight'. She's vacuous enough in real life, but put her next to Christian Bale and Gary Olman and she's like a blackhole.

Reel Fanatic said...

You're definitely right about that, Frances .. I thought she was even worse in "Thank You for Smoking," but luckily even she couldn't ruin that smart flick

Anonymous said...

Hated Katie Holmes since Dawson's Creek, but I wonder why Nolan doesn't just dump the Rachel Dawes character altogether.

Anonymous said...

As someone who paid for and sat through First Daughter (but mostly because of Riley from Buffy), I'd like to notify Ms. Holmes-Cruise that she still owes me $15 and 90 minutes of my life.
Any chance that Will Arnett will get to do his Arrested Development chicken strut in any of those projects?

Reel Fanatic said...

One can only hope, Divinity ... I need to break down and rent Let's Go to Prison if and when it's on DVD ... no matter how bad it got roasted by the critics, anything with him in the starring role has to at least be somewhat funny

Anonymous said...

I just love Will Arnett. He always had me crying with laughter on Arrested Development.

Linda said...

I agree, no one would miss the Dawes character. Gotta say tho I miss the Katie Holmes I liked in Wonder Boys and Pieces of April. Every time I loan out my copy of Pieces of April I say "this is when Katie Holmes was good".

Reel Fanatic said...

She was indeed great in "Pieces of April," Linda, and I also just love Wonder Boys, but in that case the boys clearly outclassed her, I think

Anonymous said...

When I'm sad and feeling blue,
I think of GOB,
the chicken dance,
and the Bluths.

Anonymous said...

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