Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown R.I.P.

Now that's a depressing way to start the day. As I rolled over this morning, my radio announced that James Brown had died. Now, it wasn't exactly as devastating as waking up when I 1as 16 to hear that my favorite basketball player in the entire world, Maryland Terrapin Len Bias, had coked himself to death, but sad nonetheless.

I don't have much to say in tribute to this great - albeit rather crazy - man, so please just enjoy this clip of him performing back in the day, courtesy of YouTube.

My cubicle mate Dan Maley, an earnest student of irony (and the false proclamation of it) would have to agree that it's highly ironic that on the day the Godfather of Soul died I'm going to see "Dreamgirls," a movie largely about sucking the soul out of music to sell it to the masses. Even so, I'm really looking forward to seeing it, so please feel free to stop by tomorrow for a review, and have a merry, merry Christmas!

James Brown - Out Of Sight


Mary said...

Merry Christmas, Reel Fanatic, and thanks for stopping by. Great tribute to a talented man - James Brown. Baltimore Oriole fan, ey? I grew up in Baltimore/surrounding areas and left MD in 2002. Miss those O's. How bout those Ravens?

I have heard that Dreamgirls won't dissappoint. I'll check back.

Reel Fanatic said...

I'll always be an Oriole fan, Mary, no matter how many maddening moves they make .. I can't, however, say the same about the Ravens, because as a kid my heart was with the Colts, even when most people called them the Dolts .. I know its a stubborn way of thinking, but there will always only be one Baltimore football team for me

Mary said...

The only saving grace for the Ravens is that they won the big one in 01. I grew up with the Colts in town - the way in which they left was tragic, what a loss.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, RF. And as the Godfather of Soul would say...GOOD GOD!