Saturday, September 16, 2006

Day two with the Dawgs

Has Brian DePalma really managed to craft James Ellroy's great book into a horrible movie? Given the 30 percent positive rating "The Black Dahlia" has received over at Rotten Tomatoes, I fear it may be true, but I won't find out for myself until Sunday.

Today, it's back to Athens for UGA's second home game, against another unmatched foe in UAB. Before the start of the Mark Richt era, these games were some times more interesting than they ever should be, but under his guidance the Dawgs usually take care of business early and often.

The interesting thing, of course, will be the first start for Matthew Stafford, aka the greatest college quarterback since (insert favorite college quarterback here). He managed to survive the heat in Columbia, so I'm looking forward to him having a huge day at this coronation.

Anyways, if you've managed to see "The Black Dahlia," please tell me what you thought about it. I'm eager to find out if the fans, once again, liked a movie a lot more than the critics.


Larry said...

"Dahlia" is truly awful. See my review:

Reel Fanatic said...

Great review, larry ... It does indeed sound awful, but my sense of curiosity makes we wnt to see it anyway ... I'll find out later today just how wrong I was

Terence Towles Canote said...

Before anything, congrats on UGA's victory over UAB! Missouri is having its best season in years. We've actually won our first two games. Maybe we'll actually have our first decent season in twenty years... (-:

As to The Black Dahlia, I haven't seen it yet, but I am hoping it is a case of the fans liking it better than the critics. As it is, given reactions to their most recent movies, I am worried that two of my favourite directors (De Palma and Darren Aronofsky) may have made some serious missteps with their most recent films. Neither ...Dahlia... or The Fountain have gotten very good reviews...

Mimi Fink said...

Dear Keith,

Thank you for your comment on my "Mimi at the Movies" Blog on Blogspot about Viva Pedro! Surely, there will be art cinemas playing some of the re-released films when you get to NY, and as I wrote in the blog, all but MATADOR and LAW OF DESIRE are available on DVD.

Please do me a favor and post a link to my blog on your blog. Anyone interested in foreign movies, especially the movies of Spain, Mexico, Latin America, Germany and China, might like to know about my blog as well as some of my other movie pages to which there are links on my blog.

I haven't seen THE BLACK DAHLIA yet. May not bother.

Reel Fanatic said...

Thanks, Mercurie ... it started out as a pretty rough day, but UGA's defense is just playing lights out ... We get Colorado next week, so it should be another day for our young quarterback to develop without pressure

Hey Mimi .. I certainly will post a link to your great site ... I have seen virtually all of Pedro's movies on DVD, but wish I could see them again in the retrospective ...

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