Friday, September 08, 2006

Ellen at the Oscars? Sheesh

I'm a sucker for the Oscars, so I'll definitely tune in anyway when they return Feb. 25, but this news doesn't give me much hope they will be entertaining.

Ellen DeGeneres has been tapped to host the next broadcast. Though this will be her first Oscar gig, Ellen has hosted the Grammy and Emmys multiple times.

Before I say anything remotely mean about Ms. DeGeneres, let me just clear something up first: I have absolutely no problem with Ellen as a person, and could not care less what she does in her personal life. My problem with her, and this is the bottom line for Oscars hosts, is that she's simply not funny.

Granted, she will surely be less caustic than Jon Stewart, Chris Rock or David Letterman, but will also be a lot more boring. Apparently Mr. Stewart's remark about how Jude Law can't act crossed the line last year (admit it ladies, do you really watch a Jude Law movie to analyze his acting skills? I didn't think so.)

So, unwilling to take even the gentlest barbs, they've picked someone who will surely pucker up and kiss any ass they ask her to. My prediction, however, is she will be very popular with the in-house audience, and will begin a hosting run to rival that of Billy Crystal.

Who would I rather have? Well, I normally don't tune in for much of the Emmys, but I did this year because Conan O'Brien was consistently funny in his hosting gig. Though I realize he kisses just as much ass as Ellen on his show, he brings a just-manic-enough presense to the whole thing that just makes it more enjoyable to watch. He would be the perfect host for the Oscars next year.

Oh well, I guess it could be worse. At least it's not Jay Leno. Feel free to defend Ellen or sound off on who you would rather see hosting Hollywood's big night.

"Casino Royale" trailer

After the last several Bond flicks, you can only count me as lukewarm at best about the return of James Bond. The latest trailer, however, has me inching toward positivity, and at least has me ready to give it a chance.

What works? The look of the whole thing should be a real return to form. It looks low-tech, as Bond should be, and Monte Carlo is the perfect setting. As for Mr. Craig, I'm warming to him in the role too, after a series of post-Connery duds.

And a word of praise for Eva Green, if I may. After seeing her in "The Dreamers," Bertolucci's well-intentioned mess of a movie, I knew she would be huge soon. She has the perfect look for a Bond girl, so I can only wish her well in the role. Halle Berry, while not nearly as bad as Denise Richards, just couldn't cut it.

But enough from me for today. To enjoy the fairly long new trailer, click here, and of course let me know what you think.


Vance said...

hmm... I actually love Ellen as a person, but I actually don't find her that funny either. I like her positive energy but I find myself rarely laughing when I try to force myself to watch her talk show (and usually only cause there's a guest I want to see). While she did a great job hosting the Emmy's post 9/11, it was more because she knew how to balance humour during sensitive times, but I thought she failed a few years later when she hosted again on more "normal terms".

Meanwhile, As you already probably saw in my posting, cannot WAIT for new Bond even though the last few were so boring...this one looks like theres hope to reinvigorate the series.

Reel Fanatic said...

It does indeed look like a return to form for Bond, Vance .. As for Ellen't talk show, I watched it once, when she had Samuel L. Jackson on for SoaP .. she does have an ease on the talk show set, but I just can't see her being effective for three-plus hours

Chuckles said...

I agree with you about Ellen.

I was not just disappointed by the last couple Bond movies, I was pissed. XXX had more espionage and there is more than one thing wrong with that. It seems like the writers or producers had forgotten that Bond is a spy plus, not a damn wrecking crew. He used to sneak into an organization and then break it open. The last two focused on the breaking aspect. Although, I though Tomorrow Never Dies wasn't bad, I wonder if that is because it was sandwiched by some lame movies.

Reel Fanatic said...

Definitely agree with you about the last few movies, Chuckles ... If he does indeed return to being a spy rather than just a guy with cool gadgets, it will be a welcome change

Carrie Lofty said...

I think Jude Law is very talented, but he selects poor roles. I first noticed him in Gattaca when he played something right up his alley - a stuck-up pretty boy with a chip on his shoulder. It takes a certain level of charisma and talent to portray such a role without really disliking the character. And speaking of talent, he did the same thing playing Dickie in Ripley and again in Huckabees. When he's tried to be arty or sincere (Perdition or Closer or Cold Mountain - basically the rest), he lost me. I hate it when, these days, actors try to be ACTORS and go against their type. That didn't happen back in the days of the studios' stables of stars. The actors fit the role. Granted, there are drawbacks there, too, but I think some people just need to stick to their strengths!

As for Royale, the jury's still out. Sure, it LOOKS different, but the same old people are behind the production. Sigh. We'll see.

Reel Fanatic said...

He was indeed quite good in Talented Mr. Ripley, Salome .. I just liked the look on his face when Stewart made that joke about him at the Oscars .. he just looked to completely mortified!

Ben Varkentine said...

I thought it was Chris Rock who did the Jude Law bits...about him seemingly having to be in every movie, right?

Unknown said...

I think Ellen has some funny moments and I'm like you with the Oscars - I'll watch regardless - but I just don't think she's the right fit for this show. I hope she prooves me wrong but I just don't think she can cut it. They should let Robin Williams host and give him free THAT would be awesome.

I saw the new Casino Royale trailer this morning and WOW. I've never been a huge Bond fan but I'm actually very excited to see this most recent offering. It looks like it may actually be good!


Reel Fanatic said...

You may very well be right, Ben ... In fact, thinkin about it now, I'm almost certain you are .. my bad!

RC said...

Surprised in your disappointment of Ellen as choice...I think after last year with more "comedy" actors presenting, etc. Ellen could be a good filler inbetween unique and funny presenters.

i think she'll do a great job, i'd love to see some one who can consistently host the award show.

--RC of

Reel Fanatic said...

I hope you're right RC ... Maybe it is time for less of a joker, but I still have my doubts .. I guess we'll all see soon enough!

Joanna Arcieri said...

I'll admit it. I rarely watch a Jude Law movie for his acting skills. That is, after all, why I watched "Alfie", over and over again. (Although he can be quite good.)

Reel Fanatic said...

Can't say I bothered with Alfie, Cinefille, though it has its obvious charms!

Terence Towles Canote said...

I really am looking forward to Casino Royale. It looks to me that they are doing the right thing--a bit of the old (no fancy gadgets, a tougher Bond) and the new (Chris Cornell sings the theme song!). I just hope it lives up to my expectations.

Reel Fanatic said...

I didn't know that about the theme song, Mercurie .. Things are definitely starting to look up for this one!

Emma said...

Eva Green rocks.

But Ellen isn't funny. She was great in Finding Nemo, but I don't think I'll dig her at the Oscars.