Monday, September 05, 2011

Reel Fanatic, the return: A brief but fun clip show

I can't imagine that, with me having taken two weeks or so off from this, even more than a few people will stop by, but I still like doing it when I get the time, so here goes:

Looking at the fall TV lineup this year, I'm struck by the shear number of scripted fare coming to the airwaves, a welcome respite from the usual onslaught of reality crap in my book. Even if the majority of these shows are terrible, just the fact that more writers get paid for anything these days is enough to make me smile.

And here today, it's going to be at least partly about two of my favorite returning shows, both NBC sitcoms, "Community" and "Parks and Recreation." What could make "Community" more fun? Well, Dan Harmon and his crew have shown that they're rarely short of fun ideas, but a cutthroat Greendale badminton team, as the above picture implies? Yeah, I'd watch that. Click here to visit Collider for their full set of on set photos, and keep an eye out for the return of "Community" on Sept. 22.

The one sitcom I enjoy even more than "Community" is "Parks and Recreation" which in its two-and-a-half or so seasons has managed to develop the best ensemble comedy team on TV and some of the sharpest writing, too. And if, like me, you tune in for this, I have to assume you love Ron Swanson (if not, why in the heck do you watch?)

Well, in season four, also returning to NBC on Sept. 22, we meet Tammy One, poor Ron's first ex-wife, to be played by Patricia Clarkson in what should just be a hoot. In the preview below, cast members describe her as "ice cold" and "dangerous," and since Tammy Two fears her, you know it must be true. And on top of that, we'll also apparently encounter "Tammy Zero," Ron's mom. Just what did this government-hating guy do to deserve all this haranguing? Enjoy this season four preview, and then stick around for some actual movie stuff I also found today.

There are always a lot of good movies to look forward to in the fall, and now that I've moved back to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I'll probably make the trip to Washington, DC, some weekend soon to catch a few of the more arthousier ones. One flick I'm definitely looking forward to is "Margaret," which will mark the return of Kenneth Lonergan after a long hiatus.

If that name sounds vaguely familiar to you, that would be because, before disappearing for the past 10 years or so, he managed to write and direct easily one of my favorite movies with "You Can Count on Me." If you've never seen this charming little flick starring Laura Linney and Mark Ruffalo as a pair of estranged siblings, track it down asap (and it shouldn't be hard to find.)

Since then, Lonergan managed to shoot "Margaret" about five years ago, but then promptly got in a nasty legal battle with Fox Searchlight about his inability to end the movie. That explains the long time off, but the first trailer for the movie, set to open in at least a few markets on Sept. 30, is below.

As you'll see, it's sort of about a young women, played by Anna Paquin and presumably named Margaret, who is instrumental in causing a horrifically fatal bus accident involving bus driver Ruffalo. There's surely a lot more than that going on, and I can't wait to see this if I ever get the chance. Enjoy.

OK, finally today, I certainly don't need to tell you that Jessica Chastain is having about as good a year in 2011 as an actress could possibly have. So far already, she's played the female lead in Terrence Malick's astounding "Tree of Life" and also Helen Mirren's younger model as a Mossad agent in "The Debt," but my favorite performance of hers this year was easily as Celia Foote, the comedy relief in "The Help" (and guys, even you should see that winner as soon as you can.) Below, just because it's a good interview, enjoy her talk with Drew McWeeny of HitFix, mostly about "The Debt," but some other things, too, and have a perfectly pleasant end to your Labor Day weekend Peace out.


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