Saturday, November 06, 2010

Your Saturday dose of very funny ... Alan Partridge is back and here!

Though Steve Coogan did indeed make his return as Alan Partridge on Friday, well, afternoon by the time they got around to it, sponsor Foster's managed to block the content for folks in the U.S. because of "copyright" or some other kind of phony crap.

Thankfully, however, you can't keep a man this funny down, and it's managed to emerge - at least temporarily - in one YouTube clip, which I've shared here (and which looks good at full screen.)

As you'll see, in his latest incarnation, running in webisodes weekly for I'm not sure how long, Alan Partridge is now the host of the radio show "Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge" for North Norfolk Digital. And as fellow Alan Partridge devotee Bob Connally, noted, it starts off a little slow (though still very funny with a "favorite condiment" call-in), but really gets going when a young bloke named Jim Jones shows up to promote cycling for youngsters (pop, not broth!).

Though Steve Coogan has been great in many forms, particularly on screen in "Tristram Shandy" and "24-Hour Party People," if you want some rental ideas, he's never been as funny as he is when he slips into Alan Partridge. Welcome back! Enjoy the clip, and if you get a chance, go see Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls," which I'm gonna do tomorrow if I have time. Peace out.


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