Monday, October 27, 2008

Don Draper's guide to picking up women

I could use a half million-dollar bender right about now.

Not much to say this Monday morning except that the "Mad Men" finale lived up to and surpassed all my expectations. Seeing Pete finally get his proper reward was easily the TV highlight of the year, and the closing shot of Don and Bertie was just priceless.

Less successful was this spoof of Don Draper that apparently aired on Saturday's episode of "Saturday Night Live," hosted by Jon Hamm (I wouldn't know because like most "real Americans" I was watching baseball at the time [and I apologize immediately for that rather nasty Sarah Palin-esque comment].)

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that "SNL" couldn't come up with anything fall-down-funny about the most complicated and entertaining show on TV, but it's still worth wasting 90 seconds of your Monday on. Enjoy!


jeremy said...

They did have Elizabeth Moss and John Slattery in another Mad Men skit which was funnier.
And I thought the finale was good, but not great--too much emphasis placed on the Cuban missile crisis so when they jump forward for next season we'll have a place marker. I guess some people need that sort of thing, since last week's episode seemed to confound so many casual tv watchers. Probably the same people who found The Sweet Hereafter's time-shifts hard to keep track of.

Bob said...

Hahaha! I posted that on mine too. Great minds think alike I guess. :)
Haven't watched the finale yet but as I'm sick and staying home from work today I'll be enjoying my "Mad Men" over breakfast shortly.
In other news I have not been to a new movie in three weeks. The last thing I went to was a revival of "The Godfather" and a theater near UW is showing "A Fish Called Wanda" this Wednesday (one of my all-time top 10!). Why has 2008 been such a lousy movie year?

Reel Fanatic said...

I'm not sure why it's been so bad, Bob ... I think the late spring-early summer period, starting with Iron Man, was pretty good, but the rest of the year has indeed been average at best ... As for a movie in the last three weeks, though, I really liked Oliver Stone's "W." quite a bit

And thanks for the head's up about Slattery and Moss on "SNL," Jeremy .. they are my two favorite actors on "Mad Men," so I'll definitely have to see if that is on YouTube

Bob said...

The clip is on the "SNL" site. See if you can find the one where he plays James Mason too. That was pretty good. It was weird to see an "SNL" episode that was more hit than miss.
And I just finished watching the finale. I can't believe we have to wait until next summer! Waiting from May to September is bad enough but this will be agonizing.

Reel Fanatic said...

It will indeed ... I could definitely use a good time-killer right about now, so I'm headed to the SNL site now

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Mercurie said...

I missed the SNL sketch, but I never miss Mad Men. And given the year and the fact that they didn't deal with it yet, I thought the final episode would deal with the Cuban missile crisis. Great seeing Pete get his comeuppance. And for once Don seemed a lot more human to me than he usually does (don't get me wrong--I love Don--but he does play things awfully close to the vest).

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