Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Will Spider-Man go on forever?

It's little surprise, given how "Spider-Man 3" shattered all worldwide opening weekend records, but I still found this nugget from Sony CEO Micheal Lynton to be interesting.

Talking to BBC News, he said he could see "a fourth, a fifth and a sixth and on and on ... as many as we can make good stories for."

And thus, unwittingly I'm sure, he pointed out what fans and critics alike have mostly attacked "Spider-Man 3" for: the story. Although it has many faults (and, let's be fair, some virtues too), the way it failed to deliver on the promise of Harry Osborn v. Peter Parker from the end of "Spider-Man 2" was the biggest.

That said, the world could be a better place with more "Spider-Man," I think, even if you have to replace all the main players.

Although I love what Sam Raimi did with the first two movies, he showed clearly with "Spider-Man 3" that it's time for him to move on and tackle a new challenge. So, who could take his place? I could easily see another trio of "Spider-Man" flicks coming from either Guillermo del Toro or Alfonso Cuaron. They both have the visual and storytelling flair to pull it off. What do you think?

If the media reports are true, you'd also have to replace Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane. I know many have been hard on Ms. Dunst, but I've enjoyed watching both of them through all three movies, at least until Peter couldn't stop crying in "Spider-Man 3."

So, who could replace them? I think the obvious choice for Peter Paker would be Shia LaBeouf. As the human lead in "Transformers" and the heir apparent to Indiana Jones, he's about to be the hottest name around. And, from what I've seen so far, the kid can act. Any more suggestions?

As for MJ, my choice defies all rules of age logic, but I could definitely go for Isla Fisher. She's clearly got the look, and much more importantly, she's very funny, which, before he went emo with "Spider-Man 3," Sam Raimi understood was very important to this franchise. Any more logical ideas?

No matter which way they eventually go, I'm sure of one thing: There is definitely a Spidey movie out there that will be better than "Spider-Man 3," but probably not quite as good as "Spider-Man 2," my gold standard. I can't wait to see how this all pans out.

Six Simpsons posters

Speaking of story, I've often found that the writers of "The Simpsons" have had trouble lately even coming up with one that can still sustain a half-hour worth of quality viewing, so I have my doubts about the upcoming "Simpsons" movie. If it's funny from start to finish, however, that will be enough for me. Here are six "Simpsons" movie posters I stumbled across. Marge on fire is my favorite, but Bart with the french-fry doodle is pretty funny too. Peace out.


jeremy said...

Cuaron's got my vote. His work on the Harry Potter series has yet to matched. And, although he hasn't done tons of film work, Brad Anderson's (Next Stop Wonderland, The Machinist) work in television (The Shield, The Wire, Homicide) might make him an able candidate.
And my choices for Spidey and MJ are Werner Herzog and Grace Zabriskie.

Reel Fanatic said...

Brad Anderson would certainly be an intriguing choice, Jeremy .. I'm going through The Wire again now, and for my money, there hasn't been a finer TV show ever made than Homicide ... And it would be nice to see them hand this over to someone with relatively little exposure, so we'll be left guessing what he can come up with

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

I could support a movie directed by Cuaron and written by Kevin Smith. I definitely give my vote to Isla Fisher, finally an MJ who is actually as attractive as she's supposed to be. I know the front runner for Pete will be Jake Gyllenhal, but then imagine the Joker Spidey jokes. If we were starting over I might suggest Michael Angarano, as he has that dorky nerd look to himself. Since he's now in his twenties or so it may still work.

Tyg said...

Guillermo del toro would be great (but I'd prefer he didn't as he'd never get round to making the mountains of madness!)

Or How about christopher Nolan? He's already proven he can bring a comic book franchise back on track with Batman? If we get theoretical I'd like a young George Lucas to do it?

MJ and Peter? Thats tough. I actually can't see anyone but Tobey and Kirsten doing it at the moment. If some other actors were to play those roles I think I'd rather it be new faces, people who don't bring any baggage from previous roles.

Anonymous said...

She's older now but I always thought Amanda Peete looks like Steve Ditko's original MJ drawing.

As far as directors are concerned, I don't know I just don't want a comic-book film that attempts to delve deep into the human psyche with overblown introspective exposition, blah, blah, blah. And no crying. I didn't see Spidey 3 yet, and I'm not in a rush.

Christopher Nolan, cool!
Alfonso Cuaron, sure!

I know people will hate this, but . . . Jerry Bruckheimer or even Robert Rodriguez. Why?? Because some times I really don't care about the plot, character development, etc. I was just action 1-2-3, easy as a-b-c. I watch some films to truly escape and there are some films I watch for story, plot twist, etc.

Reel Fanatic said...

Great suggestions all .. I'm sure Kevin Smith would love to write a comic book movie, Shane, so he would have a lot of fun with this .. I don't see anyway they could afford to lure Nolan away from what should be at least another two Batman movies .. and while I couldn't really support Bruckheimer, Robert Rodriguez would be a fun choice indeed

Anonymous said...

I'd be OK with more Spider-Man movies and I think changing it up may not be a bad idea. I'd like to see what someone else could do with the character.

And those Simpson posters are pretty funny though I saw some sort of extended trailer yesterday and I have to say, it wasn't all that funny.

kookie said...

I wonder if part of the problem with 'Spiderman 3' wasn't the writing. Maybe Raimi and his brother should hand the scriptwriting to someone who knows what they are doing. Like Michael Chabon again.

Reel Fanatic said...

Giving Michael Chabon sole control of the script for another Spider-Man flick, kookiejar, would just be ideal ... He's apparently either working on or finished a script from his novel The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, but if asked I'm certain he would make time for a return to this franchise

Anonymous said...

One more thing, as far as Spidey being a continuous series of movies. Why not?
1. He has many different stories
2. Tobey is not as memorable as let's say Christopher Reeve was to Superman.
3. Many villians

4. Bond, James Bond.

Reel Fanatic said...

I'm not sure I can see it going as long as Bond, Vee, but another five or six movies would be fine by me ... Spider-Man has always been much more interesting to me than Superman because Supes is just too perfect to be believable

TALKING MOVIEzzz said...

I wouldn't worry about there being too few stories to tell. After all, Spidey has a daily comic strip, as well as monthly comics, and numerous spin off books over the years.

I'd just have them get the one story they want to focus on and go with that.

The problem with three was there were too many storylines going. They should have picked one, picked who Spidey was going to battle, and gone with that one. Then, the film would have been a lot shorter, a lot tighter, and a much better film.

Divinity said...

I've always felt that Alicia Witt was robbed when they cast the first Spider-Man. She's about the same age as Isla and, though I haven't seen her comedy chops, she exudes the confidence that was stripped from the role of MJ in these movies.
On the younger side, there's Arielle Kebbel who I just happened to catch on the regrettable American Pie 4: Band Camp last night. She had nine episodes on Gilmore Girls so someone who watched GG will have to let me know how good a performer she is.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make an interesting Peter Parker although he somehow looks more like a Jimmy Olsen to me... and then there's Wes Bentley. There's a lot of dark that could be explored with Wes.

Reel Fanatic said...

Alicia Witt is a fantastic choice, divinity ... I've always liked her, but she was especially great as the D-girl in that episode of "The Sopranos" ... As for Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Peter Parker, another solid choice, but I don't think they'd have the nerve to give it to him

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

I like Alicia Witt as well, but for me she'll always be Alia from Dune, not even Urban Legends shook that from me.

Rumor has it that Ben Affleck will only do another Daredevil if they allow Kevin Smith to write the script. I know a lot of people hate on DD, but from a comic fans perspective they stayed very faithful and had more images straight from the comics then any comic movie EVER has.

Reel Fanatic said...

You'd have to count me among the many who have no time for Daredevil, Shane, but if Kevin Smith were given the greenlight for a script, I'd definitely give the sequel a try

Elton said...

A Spider-man from del Toro, eh? Maybe Spider-man could fight a monster with eyes in its hands? =P

Seriously though, that would be pretty cool. They'd definitely have to re-cast Spidey though, because Tobey just isn't cutting it for me (I tolerated him in the first two, but I wasn't that supportive of him being Spidey simply because he's not talented enough).

Reel Fanatic said...

I was with him through the first two, Elton, but I definitely think it's time for him to move on too

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