Thursday, March 29, 2007

Three sites I'm addicted to

As people who have found my name pop up in the comments sections of blogs know by now, I love to read what people have to say about movies. It's my favorite thing to do instead of, well, working.

It's something I'll never get tired of. There are three sites, however, that rise to the top because I now check them every day, sometimes more than once.

Film Ick

This site maintained by five UK film fanatics, but seemingly most often written by Brendon Connelly, just takes the geeky art of film obsession to a whole new level. They have a particular affinity for Terry Gilliam (and, really, what geek doesn't?), but you can find just about anything here. On my most recent visit, the best thing was the dirt on who might have leaked that clip of David O. Russell's meltdown on the set of "I heart huckabees." It's always loaded with info, and you can check it out here.

I Watch Stuff

This one is a great place to find imbeddable (sp?) trailers, but also just a fun place to visit. I don't know who runs this site, but he or she or they are very witty. You can get the same movie news you find on any site (including, of course, this one), but the often snarky commentary is what really sets it apart. Pay them a visit here.

From the category of things you might never have needed to know about me, I spent a year living in France after high school with an endearingly odd Swiss couple named Charles and Suzanne Bourgnon. It was a blast, but now the French I managed to pick up has become rusty. To keep from losing it completely, I visit this site every day to read movie news in that tongue. Even if you can't understand it, they have tons of great pics from all kinds of movies, including French ones, of course, plus a lot of crazy anime stuff. Highly recommended and accessible here.

Surely there are plenty of great ones I know nothing about. If you have any suggestions, please offer them and help me in my quest to do as little actual work as possible during my workday.

DVD pick of the week

A couple of days late, I know, but this week's pick is so good I just wanted to make sure everyone knows about it. Alfonso Cuaron's "Children of Men" stands as the only 2006 movie that I bothered to see twice in a movie theater. It's still burned on my brain, and it's in a tie with del Toro's "Pan's Labyrinth" for my favorite movie of the year.

In the edition that hits DVD this week, the extras include deleted scenes; two featurettes: "The Possibility of Hope" and "Under Attack"; and, if I have this right, a commentary from cultural critic Slavoj Zizek.

In case anyone doesn't know by now, the flick stars Clive Owen as a civil servant pressed into duty to protect a young lady (Claire-Hope Ashitey) with a secret that might provide a glimmer of hope to a world put in danger of becoming obsolete by infertility. It's based on a novel by P.D. James, and if you'd like to read my review from way back when, click here and enjoy. Peace out.


RC said...

man, i let you be the cinempire reader...because i know Zip-Zero french.

Reel Fanatic said...

It's worth stopping by from time to time anyway, rc, just for the pictures .. they keep track of some crazy stuff that most of the world ignores

Sameer Vasta said...

For comprehensive, serious film news, I'd check out Cinematical. They're like the Variety Magazine of the film-blog world.

For ridiculously silly but sometimes laugh-out-loud funny film news, there's always Ain't It Cool News, and while JoBlo might get a bit silly as well, that man really knows movies.

There's a few others that I follow as well, but to tell you the truth, Reel Fanatic and Strange Culture still have to be my favorites.

Of course, there is one that's not quite movie-related, but instead, about movie art and advertising: Posterwire. Helps satisfy the obsession I have with posters and one-sheets.

Reel Fanatic said...

I'm flattered you would put me in such good company, Vasta ... I still visit Aintitcool fairly often, but mostly just to see what craziness theyre up to .. Cinematical is indeed a fantastic resource, and one I use often

Anonymous said...

Tons of great links here. Thanks guys!

And great DVD pick for the week!

Jim Marquis said...

Children of Men is a really powerful film. And all too plausible.

Beth Ciotta said...

Well, dang, Reel Fanatic, like I needed more distractions in my life. Dang. I already checked out your first reccomendation--Film Ick?--and I'm hooked. Crap. Thanks a lot. ;)

Michelle said...

i watch stuff rocks!

Reel Fanatic said...

Sorry, Beth ... Film Ick is indeed the cream of the crop, I think, by power of their sheer devotion to the most minute details about movies

Derek said...

Now I am dying to see this movie definitely have to pick it up. I remember seeing the previews when it was released in theaters but never caught it.

Anonymous said...

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