Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bernie Mac and "28 Weeks Later" news

A day after I lamented the death of "The Bernie Mac Show," it is definitely my pleasure to now deliver much better news about the Mac man.

Actor-comedian Bernie Mac and his producing partner Steven Greener have formed production company MacMan Entertainment and have signed a two-year, first-look deal with Lionsgate. OK, but what's the good news?

For me, it's that the first MacMan project will be a Bernie Mac concert film. If you saw his wild-eyed, very funny rant about child abuse in "The Original Kings of Comedy," then you know this could very well be a great thing. The Mac has probably mellowed quite a bit since then, but hopefully not too much.

Less promising is what will come next, a series of Dean Martin-style celebrity roasts that will premiere on DVD with the Mac as host. Even so, it's nice to have you back in action, Mr. Mac.

"28 Weeks Later" taking shape

I just love zombie movies, and within that subgenre "28 Days Later" holds a special place in my heart. It's just nearly perfect. So I was suitably upset to learn they were making a sequel, "28 Weeks Later," without Danny Boyle in the director's chair.

My fears have subsided since I learned Boyle is at least on board as an executive producer, and now comes big new about the casting.

According to, Jeremy Renner ("North Country," "Lords of Dogtown") has been cast in the lead role of Sgt. Doyle.

In the sequel, U.S. Special Forces are working to restore order in London when a carrier of the virus unknowingly ignites a reinfection. I'm sure the ripe possibilities of the U.S. invading London to rid it of the virus won't be lost on director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and his crew. Here's hoping this one somehow just works.

Veronica Mars casting

Our next two items are TV-related and, since this is my blog, one will be about "Veronica Mars."

When our heroine returns this fall on the CW, she will be a freshman at Hearst College. In his fantastic blog, TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello shares the news that John Waters fave Patty Hearst will join the cast as the granddaughter of the founder of Hearst College, but she won't be playing herself (cryptic, I know, but what about this show isn't?)

Even better news is that Veronica's pops, Enrico Colantoni, may soon be knocking boots with Laura San Giocomo, just as he did on "Just Shoot Me." San Giacomo's character will be married, however, surely making things more interesting.

TBS feeling Perry's "Payne"

The always busy Tyler Perry has found a home for his syndicated sitcom offering, "Tyler Perry's House of Payne."

Debmar-Mercury said Wednesday that it has inked distribution deals with TBS and the Fox Television Stations group for the show.

Under the terms of the deals, TBS will get exclusive rights to the show starting in June, more than a year before they become available to local stations, with the cable network planning to air the show in primetime. Seventy-five episodes will be available to TBS by June, with 25 additional episodes to be ready by the time the broadcast stations' deal kicks in for fall 2008.

The show stars Allen Payne and centers on the comic situations that ensue when a multigenerational family lives under one roof.

After the thoroughly entertaining "Madea's Family Reunion" and "Diary of a Mad Black Woman," I've got nothing but good will for Mr. Perry, so I just hope this turns out to be very, very funny.


Carrie Lofty said...

RE: 28 Days/Weeks Later...

Let's take a complex, admirable, entertaining film with a powerful social critique and a distinctly British sensibility (especially with the alternate, more suitably pessimistic ending in which Cillian Murphy winds up dead) and FUCK IT UP with lots of army dudes fighting zombies throughout London. Requisites: lame, unoriginal American v British quips, references to how the US had to bail out the Brits in past wars, probably a few mentions of the American Revolution, and lots and lots of shit blowing up. What will happen to the "we are all monsters"/Lord of the Flies impact of 28 Days' finale, with Ecleston's bizarre role of authority and Murphy's descent into animal violence? - gone.

Shit. This is pissing me off. People probably feared the same scenario with Cameron at the helm of the Alien franchise back in 1986, but I have little hope for an equally adept sequel here.

(Thanks for the update tho, Reel - giving me advance notice so vomiting at hideous trailers will not take me by surprise.)

Reel Fanatic said...

Glad I could be of assistance, Salome .. your prediction is probably more likely than a more satisfactory outcome, but I always try to keep hope alive

Unknown said...

I'm excited to hear about Mac being back. He is a very funny man and I completely agree that a return to stand up should prove to be quite good. As for the roasts, I have hope. Depending on the folks they're roasting, there's great potential.

Reel Fanatic said...

I've just never liked the roast format, Marina .. I'm not offended by them by any means, but they just seem full of cheap shots that are rarely very funny

sidcruise said...

28 days later was a good movie, but nonetheless they thought they couldnt squeeze enough money out of the first one so voila they make another one, suitably for american audiences which thrives on Horror flicks and you have a blockbuster in hand ;) ..

Lets see how it turns out ;)..Very good updates you have here ...we ll be back for more

Kelly said...

As Hollywood has proved, it is so easy to screw up a zombie movie, I'm not holding out much hope for the 28 Days Later sequel.

BTW, I saw one of your previous posts was about Hot Fuzz. Here's a site with some of the "behind the scenes" clips they showed at the San Diego Comic-Con this year.

I can't wait to see it. Just looking at the posters makes me giggle.

Reel Fanatic said...

Thanks for the Hot Fuzz link, Kelly .. I just can't wait to see that one after seeing Shaun of the Dead!

Anonymous said...


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