Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter from me and the Muppets, plus a Saturday video vault

You know, there's absolutely no way in hell I'm ever gonna go see a movie starring a wheelchair-bound Renee Zellweger who finds inspiration on a trip to Memphis with a stuttering Forest Whitaker (though he is a definite favorite around here.) However, the soundtrack for the upcoming flick "My Own Love Song" will apparently also feature 16 new songs from Bob Dylan, and I can only say bully to that.

And, what could be better for Easter than a clip of a giant bunny eating a bunch of cute little bunnies as he croons "Stand By Me"? I can't think of anything, and thankfully the Muppets couldn't either. Not to get too chicken soup about it, but the world really is an infinitely better place with the Muppets having their own YouTube channel in it. Enjoy the clip, and since it's Saturday, stick around for four more videos that caught my fancy this morning.

Next up comes the second clip I know of from "The Good Heart," which stars two of my favorite actors in Brian Cox and Paul Dano and is apparently out on pay per view now through some cable providers. Personally, I'll be waiting to see it on the big screen at this year's Atlanta Film Festival 365,to which Charles Judson has again invited me as a "member of the press." The movie itself is about a bar owner (Cox) who is slowly drinking and smoking himself to death until he befriends a young homeless man played by Dano. Enjoy the clip.

I had never heard of this next flick, but after watching the trailer, I'm really hoping "Splice" becomes a real sleeper hit when it comes out June 4, because the world can always use some more smart sci-fi. As you'll see from the clip, Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody play rogue scientists who get more than they bargained for when they mess around with human DNA (isn't that somehow always the case?) Enjoy.

I'm very rarely up late enough to watch "The Daily Show" live, but I did manage to catch this segment last night while on the treadmill after work. Jon Stewart's slap at CNN, a frequent target, is pretty much spot-on, but the real reason I'm posting this is that, about halfway in or so, it stars Erick Erickson, who, along with being a certified nut, is somehow also a City Councilman in the great city I've called home for 10 years now, Macon, GA. Rather amazingly, in its desperate drive for attention, CNN is giving a forum to this man who famously called former Supreme Court Justice David Souter a "goat-f***ing child molester," and as you'll see from Stewart's treatment, he's had plenty of other sensationally stupid things to add to that through the years. Enjoy the clip.

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And finally, along with working on "The Green Hornet," Michel Gondry has also managed to complete an odd little doco titled "Thorn in My Heart." The movie is mostly about the life of his aunt, a French school teacher, but about halfway in or so, this clip from it transforms into something pure Gondry, as the kids are set loose with some of those green screens that make you invisible, all set to Charlotte Gainsbourg's sublime "Little Monsters." Enjoy, and have a great Easter weekend. Peace out.

Exclusive: Michel Gondry's Thorn In The Heart Scene


J. Marquis said...

"Splice" looks like a lot of fun. And all too plausible.

Reel Fanatic said...

Indeed ... I'm afraid it will be an arthouse kinda thing, but here's hoping I'm wrong and it plays everywhere, even my little corner of the world

Chalupa said...

Thanks for the Splice trailer. I'll be on the lookout for it.