Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Two short doses of some pretty seriously funny stuff

Should it really take a person two days to come up with a list of the 10 best movies of 2008? By any logical measure, no, but I'm afraid that's the case.

I can tell you that I have the 10 in mind, and they have changed in the past year. Though the top two are set in stone, and the top five are all still there, "The Dark Knight" is one that has fallen a few slots to no longer make the cut. I still love Nolan's movie quite a bit, but the competition was very intense.

So, that will be coming tomorrow, but today all I have is a couple of clips that deliver at least a little bit of funny. Well, in the case of the first one, a lot of funny.

Though I was far beyond the target audience when I first read, C.D. Payne's absurdist comedy "Youth in Revolt," it's a book I thoroughly enjoyed. If you were to read it, be warned: The premise is as old as time, a 14-year-old meets the girl of his dreams and schemes to get her. But Payne's work is much darker than you might expect, and a heck of a lot funnier.

Now, even though he still has the baby face, I'm sure there's no way Michael Cera would even try to play a kid that young, so I'd imagine our hero, Nick Twisp, must be at least 16 in the movie, set to finally come out Jan. 8. The first trailer for this flick was just dreadful, but this "red-band" version looks a lot more promising, and has me thoroughly psyched to see this. Enjoy.

The second is rather remarkable in that the Kids in the Hall are actually back together, and fans of their singularly juvenile humor (yes, I'm one) will be happy to see they haven't matured much at all. The clip below is for "Death Comes to Town," a short series they're doing for the CBC, and then hopefully very soon Comedy Central or somewhere else I can see it. Unfortunately, there's not much Dave Foley at all, but a Kids in the Hall reunion is reason to rejoice indeed. Enjoy, and have a perfectly acceptable Wednesday. Peace out.


Chalupa said...

Wow. What I'd been hearing about Youth in Revolt sounded kinda lame, but that trailer looks AWESOME.

Reel Fanatic said...

It could go either way, Chalupa .. If they keep at least half of the spirit of the book, it should actually be really good, and one person I trust who's already seen it at the Austin Film Festival assures me it is a gem

Chalupa said...

Well if nothing else, it should at least be worth a Netflix rental

Pillow Fighting Fanatic said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Kids in the Hall video. They've been sorely missed, especially judging by how I laughed at that clip. Now I'm going to have "I make a pill. That gives worms. To ex-girlfriends" stuck in my head all day (my favorite Kids in the Hall Quote-from Brain Candy).

Reel Fanatic said...

I've missed them for a long time now as well ... Here's hoping the turnaround to get this on some kind of American channel will be very quick so I can see it!