Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Like Don Draper, I feel like this at least once a week

It was in fact just yesterday, when I put in a 12-hour day and got paid for 10 in putting together my hardest publication of the week.

What would make that better? Well, short of a new job, I suppose the return of "Mad Men" would help quite a bit, but it seems like that's never gonna come. After what has been an extremely hard wait, the show is finally set to return for its third season Aug. 16 with an episode titled "Out of Town."

But what's gonna happen next? In the big picture, I really have no idea, but one can only imagine it's gonna be tough times for Don in or out of Sterling Cooper. One thing the photo below, which has been circulating for some time now but I still find interesting, shows is that there will be at least one new cast member. Also below is the season 3 key art, which pretty well sums things up. Enjoy, and stick around after the jump for another visit from my favorite new comedian.

And to close, I just love what Aziz Ansari is doing with his bit part in Judd Apatow's "Funny People," as the seriously dick-obsessed comedian Randy. Even though watching an actual Randy show would just be excruciating, you have to admire how clearly obsessed he's become with a character who apparently only gets a few seconds of air time in the movie. And besides, it's really, really funny, especially when he explains how he organizes jokes. Enjoy, and have a better Tuesday than Don Draper clearly was above. Peace out.


Mercurie said...

One great thing about Mad Men is that one never knows what to expect. When the first season ended I had no real idea where they would go with it. And they rather surprised me with some of the directions they took. At any rate, it has been a very long wait for the third season, but then I think even two weeks would be a long wait for Mad Men...

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