Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hail to chief Obama

I really don't have anything terribly elegant to say that our new president-elect didn't have to say last night. I'm honored to have done my tiny part for his campaign, and I truly believe that his rather stunning victory last night will usher in "a new spirit."

However, and anyone wanting to make jokes about Democrats and lack of work can keep them to themselves, I'm taking a week or so off from doing this to go see my parents and attend the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival. Though it's hardly the big time, Rehoboth has come a pretty long way since I last attended about 10 years ago to offer a large and diverse slate of films. I'll share my thoughts about all of them when I return, but the three I'm most looking forward to are the Katrina documentary "Trouble the Water," the Swedish (not Mexican, as I somehow thought) vampire movie "Let the Right One In" and director Kelly Reichardt's "Wendy and Lucy."

And, even if you didn't vote for President Barack Obama (I'll admit, I get giddy just typing that), take this time to reflect on the historic nature of what just happened. I believe the call for unity he issued in victory Tuesday was unique, and I sincerely hope it will be embraced by all. Now more than ever, peace out.


kat said...

Wow, what a great night watching that happen. Last night was just perfect. Now the hard work begins. I only hope he can conduct his administration with the skill and grace and confidence that he ran his campaign.

(And I can't wait to hear what they name the puppy!)

Anonymous said...

Right on, Reel Fanatic! I was beyond moved when I saw PRESIDENT Obama (I get giddy typing that too) win the election.

A new day is here, and for all of us who have made this historical feat possible, there is no greater feeling.

Yes We Can. Yes We Did!

Sachin said...

Enjoy the film festival as there are indeed some very nice films playing there.

It was indeed a glorious Tuesday night. And I am saying this despite sitting in Canada :)

Mercurie said...

I was personally very happy to see him win. And it is a very historic moment for all us--first African American president, first gen X president!

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Ah, yes...President Obama. Such a sweet two words. I was never prouder to vote for a candidate than I was for Obama. I think he can be the power to bring us all together again to solve our big problems. Together we can overcome anything.

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