Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gilmore Girls finale

"When a woman gives birth to a crack baby, you don't give her a puppy."
Emily Gilmore

Last night's sendoff for season six showcased exactly what's best and worst about what is still easily the best show on television.

What was good? The dialogue, as usual, was razor sharp, particularly when Lorelai briefly broke out of her funk to bust up Emily's latest attempt to meddle, this time by trying to fix up Christopher with that hot young psych. And Lauren Graham in general, throughout the finale story arc. How she has escaped the eyes of Emmy voters over the past years is a crime of the highest order.

I thought the bands descending on Stars Hollow angle was funny, but would have been better with fewer bands (maybe just Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo, and of course Sparks) so we could have heard them speak. Still, seeing Kim Gordon bounce around while espousing the joys of oral sex in the town square was just a pure pleasure.

I also would have liked to see more of what Logan called the greatest party he's ever been to. How can you dress up a hottie like Queen Elizabeth and give her nothing to say? A glimpse of domestic life with Zach and Lane, obsessed as they are with cleaning products, also would have been welcome, but I suspect we will see a whole lot of that in season seven.

If you're a fan who somehow hasn't seen the finale, stop reading now, because I have to address the ending.

The entire story of Luke and Lorelai's engagement has seemed forced, with young Anna Nardini, at least to me, feeling like a last-minute add-on to stall the wedding bells. After watching both of them whine all season, it was jarring, but welcome, to see Lorelai finally take action (and that line about Maryland was great!). Having her in the arms of Christopher to springboard into a new season was the perfect ending, even though the journey there this year has often been rocky.

The only problem with such a great cliffhanger is the departure of show creators the Palladinos leaves the future murky at best. All the actors are signed for one more season on the CW, which will probably be the last.

I've been an evangelist for this show from the beginning, telling anyone who still listens to me to watch it, and sharing my DVDs liberally. I'll be there for at least one more year, so here's hoping it will be a fun one.

Rocky trailer

A whole blog devoted to Rocky Balboa? Why not, especially when it brings us something this good.

Not sure what number Rocky this will be, but Sly comes out of retirement into the ring one more time at the end of the year for "Rocky Balboa." And judging from the trailer you can see here, it should be shockingly good, a real old-school Rocky-style joint.

I love the blue cast throughout and the Philly soul sound. And Gilmore fans take note: According to the IMDB, Milo Ventamiglia (sp?) is cast as Rocky's son. Milo as Rocky, the next generation. Now that could be great.


Heather said...

Wait, you like the Orioles, Gilmore Girls, AND Robbie Fulks? You seem like a wonderful, wonderful person.

I loved the line about Maryland in last night's episode too -- you really DO have to see it sometime -- but all in all, I was extremely disappointed with this season finale (and the season in general).

Reel Fanatic said...

I try to be a wonderful person, but I'm not sure I've ever gotten there .. but thanks!

themarina said...

OMG! I missed Sonic Youth on TV??? So maybe I SHOULD be watching Gilmore Girls. I think the borrowing is going to start this weekend!

As for the Rocky movie, I'd head a little something about it being in the works. Good to see it's going ahead!

Lavender Dawn said...

The confrontation was great, but she should have said something earlier. I loved how she said that they would get married and would make room for April, not the other way around. Go Lorelai!

Reel Fanatic said...

Dawn, I have to agree that it should have come about four or five episodes ago, but it was still nice to see .. shame on you for missing it, Marina, but because there were so many bands on the show, you would have only seen them sing for about a minute, but it was still great

Becky said...

Very cool that my conclusion on GG made you think:) I also agree with the April intro and can't believe that a man wouldn't get his own paternity test done to validate the results. And that he is changing his life around for her is just ridiculous.

Reel Fanatic said...

Exactly Becky ... to be swayed by a science fair project? ludicrous!

SuzanH said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog.

I agree that fewer troubadors would have been better - maybe more of Taylor complaining, because he seemed sadly ineffectual (o.k., more so than usual).

I don't know why Luke and Lorelai's engagement has been so lame. I mean, it's not like people who are engaged (or married) don't have bizarre, insane problems without tossing in random unknown children. In the olden days on GG that story line would have lasted a few episodes and been resolved - to drag it on for so long is a disservice.

I'm crossing my fingers for next season.

I like your blog - the Snakes on a Plane post was awesome.

Will said...

Agree with you almost entirely on the finale. The bands were my favorite aspect of the show - and proof that the Palladinos have not forgotten that quirky Star's Hollow spirit that separates this show from every other one. The Luke and Lorelai & Rory and Logan plotlines dragged on way longer than they should have ... and I'm not completely satisfied with the cliffhanger. The melodrama has increased this season, which I think hurt the second half. Nonetheless, I'm glad things are starting to happen - and beginning and ending with the same shot was a brilliant aesthetic move.

marria said...

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